Response Action Contractor (RAC)

EDI is a Response Action Contractor (RAC) approved by the Louisiana Underground Storage Tank (UST) Division to conduct work at leaking underground motor fuel tank sites that are eligible for cost reimbursement pursuant to Louisiana’s Motor Fuel Underground Tank Trust. EDI also has certified UST closure specialists on staff to supervise removal of UST’s.

Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments

The oil and gas industry is under greater pressure to assess the conditions of existing facilities and properties that have been transferred between operators. Compliance with current environmental regulations has become a necessity with ever stringent limitations being enforced. EDI professionals have years of experience dealing with the oil and gas industry and can serve as liaisons between the regulatory agencies and the client in obtaining goals which are mutually satisfying to all parties.

Ecological Services

EDI offers a wide range of ecological services with personalized and focused care to guide our clients through the regulatory process. Our services include: wetland delineation and permitting, mitigation and restoration, T&E surveys, ecological assessment, environmental impact studies and spill response SCAT/NRDA. We proudly serve the oil and gas, energy and transmission, chemical, refining, manufacturing, construction, transportation and agricultural industries across the U.S. Our Ecological staff has conducted project work in LA, TX, MS, AR, MO, KY, GA, OH, OK, KS, CO, and WY. From large capital projects to small one acre project sites, we are well equipped to help address all of your natural resource regulatory challenges. EDI’s ecological staff is well known amongst federal and state agencies for their project experience and competence which will help expedite your projects.

Comprehensive Hydrogeologic Studies

Our hydrogeologists are qualified in planning and implementing detailed hydrogeological evaluations including Remedial Investigations (RI) at RCRA and Superfund sites. Well networks are designed to provide cost-effective groundwater monitoring. Aquifer tests can also be performed to better define the hydrogeologic regime below a site. EDI can also compile detailed databases of pertinent information to assist in developing groundwater models.

Soil, Wastewater and Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring

EDI will provide sampling equipment and trained technicians to collect, package and deliver soil, wastewater and/or groundwater samples for analyses. All samples are collected in accordance with EPA sampling protocols to maintain sample integrity and data accuracy.

EDI owns a Hurricane Dual Sampling rig, a tractor mounted Geoprobe unit, a Model 6610DT Geoprobe and a Mobil Drill B-53 for collecting soil and groundwater samples and installing 2-inch and 4-inch monitoring wells. The rig has both direct-push and hollow stem auger capabilities. With both technologies on one rig, sample integrity can be maintained when drilling through shallow contamination. It also eliminates the need to bring in a separate rig for well installation after using direct-push technology for assessing subsurface conditions. The Geoprobe unit gives EDI the versatility needed in hard to reach areas.

Dual Phase Remedial Design and Implementation

Environmental engineering and design are essential components of the remediation process. EDI can design wastewater and stormwater treatment systems, surface impoundments, provide closure plans and project cost estimates for remedial actions. Highly qualified professional engineers will then construct cost-effective treatment facilities in accordance with approved specifications.

NOW Pit Closures / Site Restorations

Unsurpassed familiarity with the petroleum industry and the specific regulations pertaining to non-hazardous oil field waste (NOW) make EDI consultants ideally suited to managing pit closures. NOW pits are closed in full compliance with State and Federal regulations and policies using a variety of remediation technologies (i.e., removal, on-site land treatment, burial, or solidification). Trained staff members will also collect samples prior, during, and after closure to determine if specifications set forth by Statewide Order 29-B are met. Qualified laboratories with expertise in these analytical procedures have been carefully selected by EDI.

NORM Surveys/Management/Remediation

Naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) derived from produced waters are a major concern in the oil and gas production and processing industry. NORM contaminated barium and strontium precipitates on and in oilfield equipment, oilfield pits, or in underlying soil beneath equipment cleaning areas frequently exceeds maximum regulatory limits. Our NORM certified professionals can evaluate potential contaminant sources and present options for remediation, as well as assist in managing NORM storage and disposal.

EDI is specifically licensed by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, Radiation Protection Division for NORM remediations (LA-10402-S01). EDI follows an approved health physics program and has a RSO on staff to implement the program.

Wastewater Permitting and Compliance

The Louisiana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (LPDES) delegated program originally focused on point source discharges from process wastewater and municipal sewage; however, a recent change in regulations now requires stormwater discharges from a variety of industries to be permitted in order to reduce pollutants from non-point source discharges. The engineering and hydrogeological staff at EDI can provide experienced personnel to design, construct, and implement strategies to comply with these new regulations. EDI enjoys excellent working relationships with the regulatory agencies and will strive to keep your facility in compliance.

Environmental Site Assessments for Real Estate Transfers

Potential liabilities associated with real estate transfers are of major concern to buyers, sellers, and lenders. The professional staff at EDI will provide quick and accurate site assessments in accordance with current ASTM practices for our clients. Assessments will be conducted by on-site evaluations and/or sampling, interviews, property title research, historical aerial photography comparison, RCRIS and CERCLIS database searches, and UST and LUST records searches. Photo-documentation of the survey is also provided with each report.

Underground Storage Tank Investigation, Closure and Remediation

Underground Storage Tank (UST) investigations and remediations have been performed by the professional staff of EDI. Soil vapor surveys are utilized to better define areas of greatest concern in assessing the extent of contamination. Subsurface soil and groundwater investigations are then implemented to define vertical and lateral extent of contamination. If necessary tanks will be removed and disposed of in accordance with State and Federal regulations. Corrective Action Plans (CAP) can be generated to provide innovative solutions that can be engineered to remove free product and remediate the soil and groundwater as required. Weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly sampling and reporting requirements are also part of the services EDI provides to its clients.

Environmental Assessments and Remediation of Industrial and Commercial Properties

EDI hydrogeologists, geologists, and engineers are fully qualified in evaluating surface and subsurface conditions at busy commercial and industrial facilities. EDI understands that plant operations must continue with minimal disturbance, and our drilling and/or sampling crews are trained to do their jobs quickly, safely, and without significantly disrupting plant personnel.

Project Management/Oversight

Federal, State and Local agencies set rigid guidelines on performing environmental tasks. To remain in compliance with established protocols is of vital importance in conducting any type of investigation or remedial action. EDI offers supervisory services to observe and document actual on-site procedures carried out by contractors. A qualified professional will document any deviations from client and regulatory agency required procedures.

Direct Push Technology (DPT) and Monitor Well Installations

Cell Tower EA’s/NEPA Checks

Phase I, II and III Site Assessments

Location Construction & OTG Waste Management


Offshore Logistics with Dockside Management

Field Sampling and Data Management

Well Field Map

Offshore Site Assessments / Norm Surveys

UST Closures and RAC Remediations

NRDA Mitigations

DPT Assessments